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    The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, (officially the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge) is a cantilever toll bridge that spans the Hudson River in New York State carrying NY 52 and Interstate 84 between Newburgh and Beacon. The first (westbound, north of other span) span was opened to traffic on November 2, 1963 as a two-lane (one in each direction) bridge.

    Photo 1, Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, United States

    Although original plans called for a four-lane bridge, funding difficulties resulted in the reduction in lanes. This span was designed by Modjeski & Masters and constructed by Frederick Snare, Drave and Bethlehem Steel. By 1964, the original two-lane structure was already over capacity, and planning for additional capacity began in 1972. After considering doubledecking (which the original bridge was not designed for) the decision was taken by NYSBA to add a second parallel span south of the original. The original span was made of steel that needs painting, but the newer span is made of "rusting" steel, (believed to be COR-TEN or a similar material although sources are not clear) which surface corrodes to a brown color and does not need painting as corrosion does not go deeper. On November 1, 1980, this second, parallel span, also designed by Modjeski & Masters but constructed by American Bridge Company, was opened to traffic. The original span was closed for renovation, to add a lane and to paint it brown to match the color of the new span, from December 1980 to June 1984. In 1997, the bridge was officially renamed the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. It is still more commonly referred to by its original name.

    Photo 2, Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, United States

    Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

    Official name                           Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

    Carries                                     6 lanes of I-84 and NY 52

    Crosses                                    Hudson River

    Locale                                      Newburgh, New York and Beacon, New York

    Design                                     Twin span Cantilever bridges

    Longest span                           304.8 meters (1,000 feet)

    Total length                             2,374 meters (7,789 feet) 2,394 meters (7,855 feet)

    Opening date                           November 2, 1963 (westbound) November 1, 1980 (eastbound)

    Photo 3, Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, United States


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