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    views: 11 / posted byvladimir 6 ноября 2009

    Vejle Fjord Bridge (Danish: Vejlefjordbroen) is a cantilever bridge that spans Vejle Fjord between Molholm and Norremarken near the town of Vejle in Denmark.


    Photo 1, Vejle Fjord Bridge, Denmark


    The bridge is 1712 metres long, the longest span is 110 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 40 metres. The bridge has 15 spans.


    Photo 2, Vejle Fjord Bridge, Denmark


    Vejle Fjord Bridge was built to lead traffic past the town of Vejle, where traffic congestion had become a problem in the 1970s. The building started in 1975, and the bridge was opened on July 1, 1980. It cost 350 million kroner. The bridge now has more traffic than any other highway bridge in Denmark.


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