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    The Queen Alexandrine bridge is a road arch bridge that crosses Ulv Sund between the islands of Zeeland and Mon in Denmark.


    Photo 1, Queen Alexandrine bridge, Denmark


    Queen Alexandrine bridge

    Official name                Dronning Alexandrines Bro

    Locale                          Zeeland and Mon, Denmark

    Carries                         Motor vehicles

    Crosses                         Ulv Sund

    Design                          Arch bridge

    Total length                 746 metres 

    Width                          10,7 metres 

    Longest span                127,5 metres 

    Clearance below          26 metres 

    Opening date               1943

    It was the main road connection between the islands until the Faro Bridges were opened in 1985, which now provide a road link ro the western end of Mon.

    Construction commenced 1939 and the bridge was opened on 30 May 1943. It is of steel arched construction, having 10 piers in the sea from which the arches spring.

    The bridge is named after Queen Alexandrine, consort of King Christian X of Denmark.


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