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    The Big Obukhovsky Bridge (Russian: Большой Обуховский мост, Bolshoy Obukhovsky most) is the newest (not taking into account the Blagoveshchensky Bridge rebuilt in 2007) bridge across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is also the only bridge across the Neva which is not a drawbridge.

    Photo 1, Big Obukhovsky Bridge, St Petersburg, Russia

    Big Obukhovsky Bridge

    It is located in Nevsky District, in the middle stream of the Neva. It connects Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospekt with Oktyabrskaya Embankment. It is a cable-stayed bridge; the steel wipe ropes are the key element of supporting construction. The bridge is located in a part of the Neva that is difficult to navigate as the Neva bends after it. Interchanges with Oktyabrskaya Embankment and Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospekt are complex enough. The first is built on thus far unoccupied right bank of the Neva, while the second one is squeezed into tiny plot of land between residential buildings on Rabfak Street and Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospekt. Besides, tram line and rail road from Obukhovo railway station to Obukhov State Plant are located there.

    The full length of the bridge passage is 2824 m, including 382 m long main span and ramps. The height of main span is 30 meters. The first part of the bridge was opened on 15 December 2004. It is an important part of Saint Petersburg Ring Road. It was the first time in the history of the city when the name of the bridge was chosen by a referendum among residents of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Among suggested names were, for example, "Olga Berggolts Bridge" and others. The bridge is named after the nearby Obukhovsky Okrug, considering that there is Obukhovsky Bridge in Saint Petersburg already. On 19th of October 2007 a "twin bridge" of Big Obukhovsky Bridge, the second 4-lane part of it, was open.

    Photo 2, Big Obukhovsky Bridge, St Petersburg, Russia 

    Big Obukhovsky Bridge

    Carries                                  Saint Petersburg

    Ring Road                             4 lanes each bridge, 8 lanes total

    Crosses                                 Neva River

    Locale                                   Saint Petersburg

    Design                                  Cable-stayed bridge

    Longest span                        382 meters

    Total length                          2824 meters

    Width                                   25 meters each bridge

    Height                                  120.5 meters

    Clearance below                   30 meters

    Opening date                        15 December 2004; 19 October 2007 (twin bridge)


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