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    Andreyevsky Bridge (Russian: Андреевский мост, St.Andrew’s Bridge) name refers to one recently demolished and three existing bridges across Moskva River, located between Luzhniki and Gorky Park in Moscow.

    Photo 1, Andreyevsky Bridge, Moscow, Russia

    Photo 2, Andreyevsky Bridge, Moscow, Russia

    Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge (2000)

    Instead of scrapping the steel arch of the 1907 Andreyevsky Rail Bridge, city planners re-used it as a structural core for the new pedestrian bridge. May 22, 1999, three barges towed the steel frame to the new anchorage, 1.5 kilometer downstream. By this time, contractors already set up concrete foundations, pillars and arches at the new site; they were finished with granite slabs salvaged from the old site. Moskva river at this point is wider than at St.Andrew’s, so four pillars and three 25-meter arches over water were required to close the gaps.

    Pushkinsky bridge connects First Frunzenskaya street in Khamovniki (left bank) with the southern edge of Gorky Park and Titovsky Proezd leading to Leninsky Prospekt (right bank). Design team was led by Yu.P.Platonov. Main pedestrian walkway and stairs are completely enclosed in a glass canopy; there are two open-air side walkways. Left bank entrance has a two-lane escalator. On the right bank, the main flat walkway extends 240 meters past the pillars through the park

    (New) Andreyevsky Rail Bridge (2001)

    Initially, rail bridge completion had a higher priority and a 15-month fast track schedule, but in real life priorities changed, and the new road bridge was completed first. Both jobs required removal of old rail bridge, which was done May 22, 1999 after 11 months of preparation. Rail service of the Inner Ring was suspended for two years until completion in 2001. New steel arch (engineer S.S.Tkachenko) is superficially similar to Proskuryakov's original design; it is now 21.5 meter tall, with a higher track alignment; width remains the same, 135.0 meters. The bridge has only one (upstream) pedestrian walkway and two copies of four original obelisks.

    Andreyevsky Road Bridge (2000)

    New Andreyevsky Road Bridge (Aндреевский автодорожный мост) was completed in December 2000. Design challenge included merging the bridge with the tunnel system under Gagarin Square. Significant incline of roadway ruled out the box girder style in favor of concrete truss arch bridge (lead designer E.G.Gapontsev), set on a 32-meter deep pile foundation. The arch is 135 meters wide and 15 meters high; 39-meter wide roadway has 8 lanes for regular traffic and a single pedestrian and bicycle walkway.


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