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    The Quebec Bridge (Pont de Québec in French) crosses the lower Saint Lawrence River to the west of Quebec City, and Lévis, Quebec, Canada.

    Photo 1, Quebec Bridge, Quebec, Canada

    Quebec Bridge

    Official name                    Pont de Québec

    Carries                             3 lanes of roadway 1 rail line (Canadian National Railway and VIA Rail) 

                                           1 pedestrian walkway

    Crosses                            St. Lawrence River

    Locale                              Quebec City, and Lévis, Quebec

    Design                             Cantilever bridge

    Total length                    987 m (3,239 ft)

    Width                              29 m (94 ft) wide

    Longest span                  549 m (1,800 ft)

    Opening date                  December 3, 1919

    Photo 2, Quebec Bridge, Quebec, Canada

    The bridge accommodates three highway lanes (none until 1929, one until 1949, two until 1993), one rail line (two until 1949), and a pedestrian walkway (originally two); at one time it also carried a streetcar line. It has been owned by the Canadian National Railway since 1993.

    Photo 3, Quebec Bridge, Quebec, Canada


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