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    The Ojuela Bridge or the Mapimi Bridge (Puente de Ojuela, Spanish name) is a suspension bridge located in Mapimí, in the Mexican state of Durango, at the site of the Ojuela Goldmine.

    Photo 1, Ojuela Bridge, Mexico

    Photo 2, Ojuela Bridge, Mexico

    Ojuela Bridge

    Carries                            Pedestrian

    Locale                             Mapimí, Durango, Mexico

    Design                            Suspension bridge

    Main cables                     Wire (steel)

    Main span                       314 m (1030 ft)

    Suspended spans             1

    Opening date                  1898

    Photo 3, Ojuela Bridge, Mexico 

    The Ojuela Bridge was built by the firm of John A. Roebling Sons Company, New York. Completed in 1898 the bridge was restored as a tourist attraction in 1991. It has a main span of 314 meters (1,030 feet). Currently this bridge is only used for pedestrians.

    Photo 4, Ojuela Bridge, Mexico

    Two plaques were posted on the bridge to commemorate 100 years since its erection. The Ojuela Bridge Plaque reads:“ (1892 - 1992)

    The Constitutional Govern of Durango: Jose Ramirez Gamero The President of Mapimi, Durango: Elias Magallanes Campos

    It has been a century since this bridge was built.

    We pay respect and admiration to the people who worked during those years in this mineral town.

    Met-Mex Penoles S.A. DE C.V. Mapimi, Durango, May 30, 1992.


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