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    The Mezcala bridge, completed in 1987, is located on the Mexico City–Acapulco highway, crossing the Mezcala river close to the Western Pacific coast of Mexico. This bridge has been in service since 1994, and is considered to be the first example of large multiple cable-stayed spans to be built.

    Photo 1, Mezcala bridge, Acapulco, Mexico 

    Mezcala bridge

    Crosses                             Mezcala river

    Locale                               Mexico City – Acapulco, Mexico

    Design                              Cable-stayed bridge

    Central main pylon            173 m (height)

    Opening date                    1987

    Photo 2, Mezcala bridge, Acapulco, Mexico 

    The innovative main concept of this bridge, featuring four adjacent main spans sustained by three consecutive harps of stays, was designed by French engineer Alain Chauvin.

    Photo 3, Mezcala bridge, Acapulco, Mexico

    The calculation of the static and dynamic effects of turbulent wind on the bridge, when in service and under construction, was carried out using the "Scanner" computer program, taking into account the aerodynamic measurements made at the Carmel West Wind Laboratory (J. Raggett) on a model of the bridge deck, with the help of Pr Scanlan. Careful studies of the behaviour of this bridge under seism where also carried out using the same computer program.


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