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    views: 0 / posted byvladimir 25 ноября 2009

    El Puente del Papa (The Pope's Bridge) is a bridge located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, across the usually dry Río Santa Catarina.

    Photo 1, El Puente del Papa, Mexico

    It took its name when Pope John Paul II offered a Catholic mass over the bridge.

    Photo 2, El Puente del Papa, Mexico

    A flea market which is installed under the bridge on weekends has the same name.

    Photo 3, El Puente del Papa, Mexico

    Photo 4, El Puente del Papa, Mexico

    Before the Pope John Paul II visited Monterrey, the bridge was called "Puente San Luisito" (St. Little Louis' Bridge), as it connected the "San Luisito" neighbourhood, (today, Independencia neighbourhood) with Monterrey Downtown, across the Santa Catarina River. The name of "Puente San Luisito" was the name of the bridge for over a century, and in just 20 years, it has been completely forgotten.


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