Saratov Bridge

Saratov Bridge across the Volga River in Saratov, Russia was the longest bridge in the Soviet Union upon its inauguration in 1965.


Photo 1, Saratov Bridge, Saratov, Russia


Saratov Bridge

Carries                       Motor vehicles, pedestrians

Crosses                      Volga River

Total length               2803,7 metres

Wide                          15 metres

Opening date             July 10, 1965


Photo 2, Saratov Bridge, Saratov, Russia


Its length is 2803.7 meters. It connects Saratov on the right (west) bank of the Volga, with Engels on the left (east) bank.


Photo 3, Saratov Bridge, Saratov, Russia


As of 2008, a new bridge is being built at the village Pristannoye, 14 km upstream from the Saratov Bridge, which is scheduled to be completed in October 2009. Its total length is 12,760 meters.


Photo 4, Saratov Bridge, Saratov, Russia

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