Potseluev Bridge

The Potseluev Bridge (Russian: Поцелуев мост, literaly Bridge of Kisses) is a bridge across the Moyka River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The name of the bridge spurred numerous urban legends. The panoramic view of Saint Isaac's Cathedral that opens from the bridge, makes it a popular subject of artists paintings.

Photo 1, Potseluev Bridge, Saint Petersburg ( http://bestbridge.net/data/upimages/poceluevmost_1.jpg )

Photo 2, Potseluev Bridge, Saint Petersburg ( http://bestbridge.net/data/upimages/potseluevbridge_moyka_2.jpg )

Potseluev Bridge

Crosses                Moyka River

Locale                  Saint Petersburg

Design                 Arch Bridge

Total length        41.5 meters

Width                  23.5 meters

Opening date      1738 (wooden) 1768 (traffic) 1808 (cast iron)

Name and history

At the first half of XVIII century, townspeople had set up a crossing across the Moyka river from improvised materials at the location of the modern bridge. In 1738 while the granite embankment of Moyka was being established, the wooden pedestrian bridge was built. It had the raising part to allow passage of mast ships. The wooden bridge was painted in different colors, and therefore was named Colored Bridge. In 1768 the bridge was reconstructed to accommodate horse traffic. At this time the structure was changed to three-span bridge standing on stone supports. At the beginning XIX century a bridge ceased to meet the increased traffic loads and rather dilapidated. Therefore, 1808-in 1816 s it was rebuilt (intermittently) on a model project VI Geste : Was built a new section odnoproletny nerazvodnoy iron arched bridge on pillars butovoy masonry with Granite but facings. This formed the basis of different takes, others oppose this link Petersburg razvodnym or former bridge.

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