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    The Ponte d'Augusto (Latin: Pons Augustus) or Bridge of Tiberius (Italian: Ponte di Tiberio) is a Roman bridge in Rimini, Italy.

    Photo 1, Ponte d'Augusto, Italy

    Ponte d'Augusto

    Carries                      Via Aemilia

    Crosses                     Marecchia (ancient Ariminus)

    Locale                       Rimini, Italy

    Design                      Arch bridge

    Number of spans       5

    Longest span            10.6 m

    Total length              62.6 m (between abutments)

    Width                       8.6 m

    Photo 2, Ponte d'Augusto, Italy

    The bridge features five semi-circle arches with an average span length of ca. 8 m. Construction work started during Augustus' reign and was finished under his successor Tiberius in 20 AD; an inscription thus calls the structure as "given by both emperors".


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