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    The Ponte Coperto "covered bridge" (also known as the Ponte Vecchio "Old Bridge") is a brick and stone arch bridge over the Ticino River in Pavia, Italy.

    Photo 1, Ponte Coperto, Italy

    Ponte Coperto

    Crosses                                            Ticino River

    Locale                                              Pavia, Italy

    Design                                             Stone and brick deck arch bridge

    Total length                                     216 metres

    Beginning date of construction      1949

    Completion date                             1951

    Photo 2, Ponte Coperto, Italy


    The previous bridge, dating from 1354 (itself a replacement for a Roman construction), was heavily damaged by Allied action in 1945. A debate on whether to fix or replace the bridge ended when the bridge partially collapsed in 1947, requiring new construction, which began in 1949. The new bridge is based on the previous one, which had ten arches to the current bridge's five.


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