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    The Flehe Bridge in Dusseldorf is a motorway bridge (with pedestrian and cylist strips) over the Rhine, which connects the A 46 motorway from the left bank of the Rhine (Neuss, Aachen, Heinsberg district, the Netherlands) with the Bergisches Land on the right bank (Wuppertal, Solingen, Hagen) and the south of Dusseldorf. It forms at the same time the southern part of the ring of motorways around Dusseldorf.


    Photo 1, Flehe Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany


    Photo 2, Flehe Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany


    Flehe Bridge

    Carries                             Motorway bridge (with pedestrian and cylist strips)

    Crosses                             Rhine

    Locale                              Dusseldorf,  Neuss, Germany

    Design                              Suspension bridge

    Total length                     1166 m

    Opened                            November 3, 1979


    Photo 3, Flehe Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany


    Photo 4, Flehe Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany


    The opening of this bridge in the year 1979 was a clear discharge of the south of Dusseldorf of the transit traffic and a substantial discharge of the South Bridge (B 1) at that time, which was up to then exclusive southern access from the left bank of the Rhine to Dusseldorf. It was also required for the connection of the A 46 with the A 57. The Flehe Bridge has three driving strips and a hard shoulder for each driving direction.


    Photo 5, Flehe Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany


    The bridge does not cross the Rhine in a right angle, in order to preserve the area of water procurement of the old water company Flehe. A remarkable feature of the Flehe bridge is the reinforced concrete suspension tower, which looks like a Ypsilon turned on the head. In the handles of the pylons an elevator and stairs are accommodated above the roadway. The handles are in bridge longitudinal direction only 6.4 m broad. They were manufactured with a climbing formwork. The 13-feldrige foreland bridge is a prestressed concrete construction work with a construction height of 3,80 m and a total span of 13x60 m = 780 m. thereby exists covers on a length of nine fields from two single-cell hollow boxes with ever 7.0 m broad base plate. The remaining four fields within the range of the bridge removing possess against it a five-cellular box cross-section with base plate width of 29,5 m. A structural steelwork has the 368 m river opening stretching far as if cover.


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