Adolphe Bridge

Adolphe Bridge is a stone arch bridge in Luxembourg City, in southern Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The bridge takes road traffic across the Petrusse River, connecting Boulevard Royal, in Ville Haute, to Avenue de la Liberte, in Gare.

Photo 1, Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Adolphe Bridge

Official name                                                                   Pont Adolphe

Carries                                                                             Road traffic and pedestrians

Locale                                                                              Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Crosses                                                                            Petrusse River

Design                                                                             Arch bridge

Designer                                                                          Paul Sejourne

Total length                                                                     153 metres

Width                                                                              17.20 metres

Longest span                                                                    84.65 metres

Clearance below                                                              42 metres

Beginning date of construction                                         14 July 1900

Opened                                                                           24 July 1903

Photo 2, Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Also called New Bridge, it was erected between 1900 and 1903 during the rule of Grand Duke Adolphe. The Adolphe Bridge was designed by Paul Sejourne. This event was followed with great interest from abroad, because the bridge had the biggest stone arch in the world up to then. The big double arch spans more than 85 metres across the Petrusse valley at a height of 42 metres, and a total length of 153 metres. Adolphe Bridge has become a national symbol of sorts, representing Luxembourg's independence, and has become one of Luxembourg City's main tourist attractions.

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