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    Si-o-se Pol or the Bridge of 33 Arches, also called the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran.

    Photo 1, Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Iran

    The Bridge of Allahverdi Khan across the Zayandeh River is a continuation of Chahar Bagh, the principal street in Isfahan. The Zayandeh River starts in the Zagros Mountains, flows from west to east through the heart of Isfahan, and dries up in the Kavir desert. It is highly ranked as being one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design.

    Photo 2, Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Iran

    Photo 3, Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Iran

    Si-o-se Pol

    Official name                                                    Si-o-se Pol

    Crosses                                                            Zayandeh River

    Locale                                                              Isfahan, Iran

    Design                                                              Arch bridge, double-deck

    Total length                                                      298 metres

    Width                                                              13.75 metres

    Longest span                                                    5.60 metres

    Number of spans                                               33

    Material                                                           Stone

    Beginning date of construction                          1599

    Completion date                                               1602

    Photo 4, Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Iran

    Commissioned in 1602 by Shah Abbas I from his chancellor Allahverdi Khan Undiladze, an Iranian ethnic Georgian, it consists of two rows of 33. There is a larger base plank at the start of the bridge where the Zayandeh River flows under it, supporting a tea house.

    Photo 5, Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Iran


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