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    views: 14 / posted byvladimir 8 ноября 2009

    The Humen Pearl River Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Pearl River in Guangdong Province, southern China. It connects the Nansha District of Guangzhou to Humen Town of Dongguan.

    Photo 1, Humen Pearl River Bridge, China

    Completed in 1997 it has a main span of 888 meters.

    Photo 2, Humen Pearl River Bridge, China

    The 3618-m-long bridge is divided into five sections: the east approach, the main navigation channel section, the middle approach, an auxiliary navigation channel bridge, and the west approach. Geological conditions at the bridge site are relatively good, with bedrock overlaid by thin soil layers, although conditions differ on each side of the river. Hurricanes are common occurrences, so the design wind speed at the bridge deck level was established at 61 m/s.


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