Kosciuszko Bridge

The Kosciuszko Bridge is a truss bridge that spans Newtown Creek between the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, connecting Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Penny Bridge, Queens. It is a part of Interstate 278, which is also locally known as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The bridge opened in 1939, replacing the Penny Bridge from Meeker Avenue in Brooklyn to Review Avenue and Laurel Hill Boulevard, and is the only bridge over Newtown Creek that is not a drawbridge. It was named in honor of Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Polish volunteer who was a General in the American Revolutionary War. Two of the bridge towers are surmounted with eagles, one is the Polish eagle, and the other the American eagle.

Photo 1, Kosciuszko Bridge, New York

Kosciuszko Bridge

Carries                                  Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Crosses                                 Newtown Creek

Locale                                   Brooklyn and Queens, in New York City

Design                                  Truss bridge

Vertical clearance                125 ft.

Opening date                       1939

Although many broadcast announcers pronounce the name of the bridge as "kahs-kee-OOSH-koh", and most Brooklynites render it "kahs-kee-OSS-ko", the actual Polish pronunciation approximates "kohsh-CHOOSH-koh".

Photo 2, Kosciuszko Bridge, New York

The bridge can be seen in the background of the funeral scene near the end of The Godfather.

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