Zhivopisny Bridge

Zhivopisny Bridge (Russian: Живописный Мост) is a cable-stayed bridge that spans Moskva River in north-western Moscow, Russia. The new Zhivopisny Bridge near Serebryany Bor is an eye-catching landmark, with its giant mirrorball at the top.


Photo 1, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Photo 2, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Zhivopisny Bridge

Carries                       Roadway lane, pedestrian lane

Crosses                      Moskva River

Locale                        Moskow, Russia

Design                       Cable-stayed bridge

Total length               1460 metres

Width                        37 metres  

Logest span               409,5 metres

Clearance below        30 metres

Opening date             27 December 2007     


Photo 3, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Photo 4, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Design and specifications

The Zhivopisny cable-stayed bridge is a part of the constructing Zvenigorod motorway. The bridge was officially open on 27 December 2007. It's situated next to the Serebryany Bor nature reservation. The total span of the bridge is 1,460 m, of which 409.5 meters of roadway are suspended from the bridge's tower with the help of 72 cables.


Photo 5, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Photo 6, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


The bridge facility's main attraction will be an observation platform with a restaurant in the shape of a flying saucer suspended from an arched tower at a height of 87.3 meters. The restaurant will seat 100 people. 


Photo 7, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Photo 8, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


The restaurant will have two floors: one for the main hall and an observation deck, and the other one - for technical services. Visitors will be able to reach the restaurant in two lifts with panoramic windows and climate control systems.


Photo 9, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Photo 10, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Zhivopisny will be the longest cable bridge in Moscow and the third longest in Russia.


Photo 11, Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow


Sistema-Hals PSO received a gold medal at the Brussels International Show-Room for Innovation, Scientific Research and New Technologies for the bridge's innovative designs. The opening of the bridge eased the accessibility to MKAD (Moscow Ring Road).

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