Tradeston Bridge

The Tradeston Bridge is a bridge across the River Clyde in Glasgow which opened on 14 May 2009.


Photo 1, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


Photo 2, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


Tradeston Bridge

Carries                      Pedestrian and Bicycle bridge

Crosses                      Clyde River 

Locale                       Glasgow, UK

Design                       Cable-stayed bridge

Total length               105 metres

Width                        5 metres  

Opening date             14 May 2009


Photo 3, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


Photo 4, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


The design features not only add architectural value to the bridge's function as a pedestrian crossing, but play a decisive role providing structural and economical advantages.


Photo 5, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


Placing the main structure above the deck reduces its thickness, and hence the overall cost. The fins reach out from the piers, hereby reducing the length of the main span and achieving a thin deck.  This results in an economical and architecturally exciting new crossing over the River Clyde in Glasgow's busy downtown.


Photo 6, Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow


It cost £7million to construct and is used by pedestrians and cyclists with no automobile traffic being allowed upon it. It uses a cable-stayed design, albeit with a horizonally curved S-shaped span with outward canting on both curves.

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