Millennium Bridge, Kazan, Russia

The Millennium Bridge (Russian: Мост Милленниум) is a cable-stayed bridge that spans Kazanka River, in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.


Photo 1, Millennium Bridge, Kazan, Russia


Photo 2, Millennium Bridge, Kazan, Russia


Millennium Bridge

Official name                    Millennium

Crosses                             Kazanka River

Locale                               Kazan, Russia

Design                              Cable-stayed

Total length                      835 m

Opened                            July 29, 2005


Photo 3, Millennium Bridge, Kazan, Russia


Its name originates from Kazan's thousand anniversary, widely celebrated in 2005 and the shape of its M-like pylon.

The construction of the bridge began in 2004, the first part was ready in 2005 and the second part in 2007. The building cost was approximately 94 million euros.


Photo 4, Millennium Bridge, Kazan, Russia


The Millennium Bridge is 831 m long. The main part of this bridge is the 45-m pylon which looks like the letter M. The roadway carries three lanes of traffic and a pedestrian walkway in each direction. The bridge connects Gorky park and Fatix Amirxan Avenue.

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