Wakato Narrows Bridge

The Wakato Narrows Bridge, literally translated as "The Great Bridge between Wakamatsu and Tobata", is a suspension bridge in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Photo 1, Wakato Narrows Bridge, Japan

Wakato Narrows Bridge

Crosses                   Dokai wan

Locale                     Kitakyushu, Japan

Design                    Suspension bridge

Total length             2000 metres

Longest span           367 metres

Opening date          September 26, 1962

Photo 2, Wakato Narrows Bridge, Japan

The bridge connects the Wakamatsu and Tobata wards of Kitakyushu across the Dokai wan. The bridge passed into the control of Kitakyushu City on September 30, 2005.

Photo 3, Wakato Narrows Bridge, Japan

The Wakato ferry beneath Wakato Bridge

The Wakato ferry existed before the bridge was built; it has been retained by the city for pedestrians and cyclists, as the bridge is reserved for motor vehicle traffic only.

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